Eye Examinations

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Eye Examinations
There are a few facts that every family needs to know about eye examinations. Regular eye exams by licensed optometrists are crucial to eye health, and many people don't realize that all family members need to be tested either annually or every two years. Here are the guidelines:
  • Infants. Every infant should have an eye exam at six months of age. If there are any underlying vision problems, therapy must start before the age of nine months so that the baby will be able to develop proper stereo vision.
  • Toddlers. Young children should be tested at age three and again at age five. These tests will include screening for "lazy eye” and "crossed eyes,” two conditions that are easily corrected if caught early.
  • School Age Children and Teens. Children in these age groups should be tested every year, since children's eyes change rapidly. Vision problems can impede learning and other skills.
  • Younger Adults. By the age of nineteen, most people's eyes have stabilized, so a check-up once every two years is recommended. It's important not to skip these exams, because even when there are no problems with vision, other eye conditions may be developing. (Some conditions can't be detected without a test, since they remain asymptomatic during the initial stages.)
  • Older Adults. Over the age of forty, it's recommended that people get annual eye examinations, since the risk of developing conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration increases greatly with age.
Save Time and Money
Getting your family's eyes tested need not be complicated. Large eyewear retailers in major Canadian cities offer the services of a licensed optometrist during certain hours. These stores, such as Hakim Optical , also have many locations. Simply call the store nearest to you and make an appointment at a convenient time. Costs of eye exams vary from province to province, but these stores generally provide exams at a lower cost than independent optometrists.
If you or a family member does need new glasses, large outlets can grind the lenses on-site, often within one hour! Visiting an in-store optometrist often earns you a money-saving coupon to use at the store, offsetting the cost of the exam.
As well, the stores offer literally thousands of options for frames, including high-end fashion frames. Purchasing frames from one of these stores can cost up to 50% less than buying frames elsewhere, since stores like Hakim Optical buy in large quantities and are able to pass the savings on to the consumer. Promotional deals offered by these outlets can save you even more – "Two for One” deals are a frequent occurrence, for example.
Take Care of Your Eyes
Eyesight is a precious gift, and it's important to do everything you can to ensure that your family's vision remains healthy. Regular examinations can uncover common conditions such as myopia, farsightedness, or astigmatism, as well as more serious eye diseases.
Call your local eyewear retail outlet today, and book eye examinations for your family. Eyes are for life!